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Friends of JPI is a new designation of people who support JPI in many different ways (social media, consultants, fundraising, etc), but cannot commit to joining and becoming a full-time member.  We greatly appreciate all the Friends of JPI and the services they provide.

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~Nikki Steward

Jersey Paranormal has become known for its' professionalism, compassion and willingness to help residents, business owners and historic locations.  We strive to continue to live up to the highest standards of volunteerism."

Nikki owns a Psychic Medium business offering mediumship, angel card, and past life readings as well as  Reiki sessions.  She always had an interested in the paranormal and began her extensive career in the Paranormal at a young age in the early 2000s.  She loves to help others and her work with JPI shows that!

Sharon Carroll


Sharon has her degree in Business Administration and works for a business supply company.  Her interest in the paranormal started as a young child and never wavered.  After moving to New Jersey, she found a highly respected team and began training as a paranormal researcher.  Her passion for the paranormal has led her straight to JPI.

Anita Stewart

Anita has been interested in the paranormal for years, but just became involved as an investigator within the past couple of years.  She brings a strong yearning to learn coupled with a deep compassion for those being affected by paranormal activity.  She's also a HUGE cat lover, having been involved for many years in rescue and adoptions.

Autumn Magee

Autumn has been involved in the paranormal field for several years, but has had many experiences since childhood. She is a certified massage therapist and instructor.  She uses this technical knowledge to assist clients who have physical complaints as part of their paranormal experiences to help ascertain if the problems they experience are paranormal in nature or not.

Heather Brainard
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Shining a Light on the Paranormal

Maureen Carroll


Maureen is Co-owner of The OH!Zone Antiques, and owner of Dolphin Spirit Reiki.  She has had a lifetime interest in the paranormal and began training to be an investigator in 2006.  Her love of helping people has kept her in the field ever since. 

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