​​​​      Jersey Paranormal Investigations


Jersey Paranormal Investigations (JPI) strives to utilize its members’ thirty (30) plus years of experience in the paranormal investigation field to aid those in need: anyone who may be affected by spirit activity in their lives, homes or businesses. By applying a methodology that combines science as well as the spiritual, JPI will work tirelessly to provide answers and understanding to each and every client through substantial evidence. Our expertise is always without judgment, our services are free and our investigators will treat your person(s) and property with the utmost honesty, respect, integrity and professionalism. 

JPI's members have developed and maintained a good working relationship with many of our local historic societies in efforts to bring much needed funds and awareness of sites that have become overgrown, abandoned, or just neglected.  The Northeastern states are filled with history and some locations are very well known and protected (such as the Gettysburg National Military Park, Lucy The Margate Elephant, the Albert Einstein and Grover Cleveland homes in Mercer County, Boxwood Hall, and of course, The Cape May Historic District).  However, there are so many other locations the public really doesn't know much about... such as family of Abraham Lincoln buried in Robbins Burial Ground (Assunpink Wildlife Preserve), General Ulysses S. Grant's family home on Wood Street in Burlington, NJ, Mercer County Historic Cemetery in Trenton, NJ, Hugg-Harrison House in Camden County, NJ just to name a few. 

Shining a Light on the Paranormal

Why does JPI need funds for these historic locations if they are under local Historic Societies jurisdictions?
JPI is a member supported, all-volunteer, 501(c)3 charitable organization.  Most of the money collected from our members go towards upkeep and maintenance of the group itself--this website's monthly fees, business cards, buying and updating our equipment.  Unfortunately, there's not much room in our budget to purchase insurance policies for every cemetery clean-up or fund raising event we do.  Much of the fund raising efforts on the part of JPI goes directly back to the community--for clean-ups, educating the public, and directly supporting the local sites we work so closely with. 

Plans for the future....
JPI continues to do all we can for our local community, but we'd love to do more... one of our plans is to have a "JPI Jr Investigations"--an education and investigation department of JPI dedicated to younger children.   Not just a website, but something more tangible where children would learn about the paranormal and find there's nothing to fear.  Where children would be able to ask questions of certified investigators and other children who share their experiences--to learn the truth about their gifts and the paranormal in general; children shouldn't live in fear and be expected to gain any knowledge by watching a movie or TV program.

Members of JPI have worked for years in many different ways to educate the public.  Earlier in 2016, JPI was invited to a local school to speak to the students about the nature of the paranormal.  The event was so well received, JPI investigators were asked to speak in front of 4 different classes: showing equipment, how that equipment was used to collect evidence, presenting some evidence for the students to see and hear for themselves, answering questions, and much more.

Children are naturally more sensitive to spirit energy and yet are the last group to get any assistance dealing with the paranormal.  If the parents of sensitive children don't believe their claims, a child's most likely resource for information is going to be what they see on TV and in movies; both of which are ratings and earnings than in providing accurate information without embellishment.  JPI members continue to offer their services to schools, libraries, youth groups, and more in hopes to reach those in the greatest need.

ParaUnity for our Community!
JPI is also committed to working with other paranormal groups.  We feel sharing information and bringing awareness is crucial.  The paranormal community is actually a small one, despite the amount of groups in the state of New Jersey alone.  Working with other paranormal investigators not only shares new techniques, but gets people involved in preserving and restoring local sites that really need sponsorship.